We are passionate about animals


Our small family had a pet sitting/boarding business in New York City for over a decade. Eventually we got fed up with getting locked out of our apartment or needing a poo bag and not having one. After several attempts, we arrived at the current design and we couldn't be happier. We make every pocket strap by hand, ourselves, right here in New York City. With love for each other and for all those who can't take care of or stand up for themselves, we try our best to make life easier and better for all pets and their humans.  


Giving Back

Because of our profound love for animals, Don't Forget Pocket Strap will donate 10% of our monthly profits, every month, to an organization that works with and/or helps animals in some way.  Monthly recipients will be chosen based on urgency of help needed or good deeds done. Nominations are also considered so feel free to email us at d.f.pocketstrap@gmail.com with suggestions or stories of deserving people or organizations. Together we can make life better for many, many animals.